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Another cute way to spice up your fridge, and add a splash of color to your kitchen!


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How To Make No-Sew Curtains

It’s no secret that buying curtains is an expensive endeavor. However, having the right curtains in a room can make all the difference. In just a few easy steps, and a quick trip to your local fabric store, you can have the look you want for your home!



An ironing board 

An iron

Hem tape 

Step one:

Measure your window to see how much fabric you will need. Make sure to get a decent amount of extra fabric to allow for the hem and rod loop.  Also, if you mess up the hem it will be basically impossible to separate the sticky tape from the fabric. You may need to cut out that section and try again.

Step two:

Place the fabric on your ironing board and smooth out the edges. Apply the iron on hem tape to the top of the fabric. Fold down several inches, then iron the area in order to make the rod loop.

Step three:

Once you have the loop for the rod repeat the same process with the other edges without leaving the extra space you left for the rod.

Step four:

Hang and enjoy your new curtains!


To give your room a taller look hang your curtains closer to the ceiling. The extra fabric will draw the eye up and make your room appear taller than it really is.

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Etsy Find of the Day

These switch plates are really affordable, and they will be something unique to brighten up your room.

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Make Your Own Canvas Wall Hangings

My friend at work wanted something to hang up in her room, but was out of ideas. I said I would come up with something, and immediately I started thinking of ideas. I had wanted to do a project with canvas and fabric for a long time. This gave me the perfect excuse to give it a try!


Plain Canvas with wooden back frame

Fabric of your choice- I used cotton duck fabric because it had more of a “canvas” type look.

Staple gun

Cork board (if you want to add to project)

New canvas

Back of canvas

Place fabric over back of frame. pull tight, and staple.

Fold the corners making sure there are not bumps on the front. The second one I used less fabric, and it seemed to work out much better.

I repeated the same process with a plain piece of cork board. This is a great place to pin up notes, and it works as wall art!

The finished product. I can't wait to see them on the wall!

This project was super fast, and cheap. The total cost, excluding the staple gun, was only $35.00. I was able to get all of my materials at Hobby Lobby, and everything I bought was marked %50 off. Score! I had a ton of fabric left over, so if you do not buy a lot of fabric and leave out the cork board your total cost will be more like $20.o0.

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Etsy Find of the Day

I love the idea of using wine corks for place card holders at a wedding reception. This little Etsy shop has a really awesome variety of corks for super cheap!

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Make Your Own Magnetic Spice Rack

This is a super spice space saver! Say that 3 times fast.

A while back, I found this sweet set of magnetic spices on Etsy (of course). I just love how the see-through lids show off the different colors and shapes of the spices!

Although I have a perfectly good spice rack that Nicholas bought me for my birthday a couple of years ago, it takes up a ton of space in my ever-so-tiny kitchen. I love the apothecary-looking jars, and I might use them for another crafty project, but for now they must go.

After I saw the brilliant magnetic spices, I thought I had died and gone to space-saving heaven. Since I’m always looking for crafty ways to do things on my own, I thought to myself, “Self, you can totally make this, and it would probably be cheaper.” If I put all of my spices in these cute little see-through containers, and slapped some magnets on the back, I could just stick them to my fridge and free up some space! It doesn’t hurt that they would also double as colorful art for the fridge! Bonus!

Supplies Needed:

round clear-top tins




permanent marker

I found the tins right here for only $0.63 a piece! After counting all of my spices and considering how much space I had on the fridge, I figured I would need around 30 tins. I bought self adhesive magnet strips from the craft store, and I already had spices and a marker.

I waited not so patiently for 3 weeks for the tins to come in the mail, and when they did, I was super excited!

First, I collected all of my spices and started filling tins.

Next, I stuck two magnets to the bottom of each tin. (The magnets I bought weren’t very strong, so you might only need one per tin.) Then I wrote the names of each spice on the bottom between the magnets. I would suggest putting a piece of tape down first, and writing on the tape. I didn’t do this, and ended up writing the wrong name on one of the tins, and had to cross it out. It was a sad day for my perfectionism.

This is the finished product, and what they look like on the fridge (after quite a bit of arranging).

Now my spices are right next to me while I’m cooking, and I love looking at them every time I walk by.

A couple of things I have learned during and after this project:

1) Use tape to write the names of the spices on the bottom of the tins.

2) I’ve knocked a few tins off the fridge while opening the fridge and freezer doors, so I scooted them a little farther from the handles.

3) Sometimes the tins can be difficult to open, so be careful not to fill them too full. Nicholas was having a hard time with one of them, and accidentally dumped cumin all over the floor.

Now that we constantly look at the spices when we’re in the kitchen, we end up using them a lot more. We often find ourselves experimenting with spice combinations that we would never have tried in the past. Yay for creative cooking!

Happy spice rack making!

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Make Your Own Chalkboard

The Etsy find of the day got me thinking about making my own chalkboard. I stumbled across this page on the country living website, and loved the idea!

What you will need for this project:

Chalkboard paint

Item that you want to paint

Sand paper

Painters tape

Small roller

First, lightly sand the area you want to paint.  Add painters tape to the areas that you do not want painted. Use the roller to put on the paint. (Using a brush will leave lines, and not look right when you finish.) Let dry, and done! You now have yourself a crafty homemade chalkboard!

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Etsy Find of the Day

This shop has so many great things to brighten up your home! I love the idea of having a cute little chalkboard somewhere in the house. Guests can write funny little notes while you’re not looking, or you can remind yourself of things you need. It’s pretty much just awesome any way you use it!

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Etsy Find of the Day

I’m a sucker for typeface art, and this hits the spot so well! Plus, since it’s made from recycled felt, it’s the perfect place to lay your guilt free head at night. Zzzzzzzzzz.

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