How To Make No-Sew Curtains

It’s no secret that buying curtains is an expensive endeavor. However, having the right curtains in a room can make all the difference. In just a few easy steps, and a quick trip to your local fabric store, you can have the look you want for your home!



An ironing board 

An iron

Hem tape 

Step one:

Measure your window to see how much fabric you will need. Make sure to get a decent amount of extra fabric to allow for the hem and rod loop.  Also, if you mess up the hem it will be basically impossible to separate the sticky tape from the fabric. You may need to cut out that section and try again.

Step two:

Place the fabric on your ironing board and smooth out the edges. Apply the iron on hem tape to the top of the fabric. Fold down several inches, then iron the area in order to make the rod loop.

Step three:

Once you have the loop for the rod repeat the same process with the other edges without leaving the extra space you left for the rod.

Step four:

Hang and enjoy your new curtains!


To give your room a taller look hang your curtains closer to the ceiling. The extra fabric will draw the eye up and make your room appear taller than it really is.

Posted by: Amanda


May 30, 2011. Decor, Make Your Own, Wall Art.

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