Make Your Own Canvas Wall Hangings

My friend at work wanted something to hang up in her room, but was out of ideas. I said I would come up with something, and immediately I started thinking of ideas. I had wanted to do a project with canvas and fabric for a long time. This gave me the perfect excuse to give it a try!


Plain Canvas with wooden back frame

Fabric of your choice- I used cotton duck fabric because it had more of a “canvas” type look.

Staple gun

Cork board (if you want to add to project)

New canvas

Back of canvas

Place fabric over back of frame. pull tight, and staple.

Fold the corners making sure there are not bumps on the front. The second one I used less fabric, and it seemed to work out much better.

I repeated the same process with a plain piece of cork board. This is a great place to pin up notes, and it works as wall art!

The finished product. I can't wait to see them on the wall!

This project was super fast, and cheap. The total cost, excluding the staple gun, was only $35.00. I was able to get all of my materials at Hobby Lobby, and everything I bought was marked %50 off. Score! I had a ton of fabric left over, so if you do not buy a lot of fabric and leave out the cork board your total cost will be more like $20.o0.

Posted by: Amanda


May 23, 2011. Decor, Make Your Own, Wall Art.


  1. Teresa Bass replied:

    This is SO cool!!!! Good job Amanda!

  2. Catlin replied:

    And they look AMAZING in the facial room!! You need to post pics of them on on the wall in there!!

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