It Works!

So, Apollo is obsessed with the wild bunnies in our yard. We often find him sitting by a window or the sliding glass door just sitting, waiting, wishing. (You like that Jack Johnson reference thrown in there, don’t you?) He just sits there, longing to romp with, chase, and possibly kill (accidentally of course) every fuzzy little one of them.

You may remember a quick mention of our bunny problem from my veggie garden post. In order to deter the fluffy-tailed vegetarians from annihilating my first official garden, I put up a small chicken wire fence.

You can imagine I was super stoked to look out our bedroom window this morning and witness my little fence working its magic. One of our bunny friends was tempted by the baby veggie plants, but ultimately, intimidated by the big scary chicken wire. Yes!

Here he is sneaking up to the fence. He thinks he’s so smart. Ha!


You can see the evil in his eyes can’t you? He thought for a second about the pros and cons of digging under the wire, and in the end, decided it wasn’t worth it. Quickly after this was taken he scurried away. Good thing, because I’m not afraid to let Apollo take care of that situation. (Apollo wishes.)

Chicken Wire: 1     Evil Bunny: 0

posted by: Rhiannon


May 12, 2011. Tags: , , , . Animal Friends, Gardening.


  1. kate replied:

    i can see his little bunny mouth watering at the sight of those delish vegetables.

    • poppyparade replied:

      Yes! It’s good he didn’t go for it. I would have had him for breakfast!

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