Veggie Garden Extravaganza

So this is what the back of my house looks looked like.

I’ve been staring at this mess for almost two years. Thanks to my good friend Melissa, I was finally inspired to do something with this nice patch of weeds, trash (left over from the lovely people who lived here before us), dirt, and random plants.

Time for a veggie garden!

So I raked all of the junk out of the flower bed and onto the grass. (Later to be disposed of by my dear husband. He’s the best!)

I thought I might keep the few random plants that looked halfway decent, but quickly decided that my OCD would not let me because they were all crooked. So, away they went. After digging up the pesky plants and roots, I cleared out all of the remaining debris, marked the corners with chicken wire posts, and laid out the veggie plants (in a nice straight line of course).

At the far end I’ve got a cucumber, then a random plant (I have no idea what the heck it is, but decided to keep because it was way too hard to dig up), a red bell pepper, a yellow bell pepper, and a roma tomato. Time to dig some holes and throw in some compost!

After all of the plants were nice and snug in their beds…

I opened up the chicken wire and wrapped it around the posts. This was a little tricky because the wire likes to sag. To remedy this, I just pulled nice and tight and hooked the wire to the little hooks on the posts. Oh, and my assistant helped supervise of course.

This is Apollo, our child. He’s pretty much the best dog ever (well, besides Amanda and Seth’s dog Jazz).

I also put some sweet basil and cilantro in pots. I just mixed some soil with a little compost, and voila!

There was another plant that I managed to save, and hopefully it won’t die on me. I sort of forced it to climb up this old trellis that was hanging out back here. Maybe we’ll even have some pretty flowers bloom from it sometime soon.

To top off the veggie garden, I laid down some newspaper, and sprinkled on some grass clippings and compost. This should keep moisture in, and weeds out (crossing fingers very tightly).

And that’s that. All I did after that was water everything down really well.

Stay tuned for updates, and cross your fingers our wild bunnies don’t know how to dig under chicken wire!

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May 7, 2011. Tags: , , , . Gardening.

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